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Records Broken at the Big Boy Pants CP Comp

August 1, 2011

A remarkable 10 national and world records (and 17 personal bests) were set by the world’s best canopy pilots at Mile-Hi Skydiving Center in Longmont, Colorado, this weekend. Highlights included the U.S. and world speed and distance records set in the female category by the PD Factory Team’s Jessica Edgeington (2.301 seconds and 168.32 meters, respectively) and the astounding world distance record set on the first day by Nick Batsch, who lives and trains at Longmont. Jumping only moments after PD Factory Team pilot Jonathan Tagle smashed the standing 181-meter record with a gorgeous 195.65-meter flight, the now-former record-holder Batch flew his NZAerosports “Petra” prototype a mind-boggling 222.45 meters to take his record back. Serving as a judge on the far end of the distance course along with Canadian judge Buzz Bennett, I was privileged to assist Bennett in marking the landing, which was then verified by Chief Judge Marylou Laughlin. It was a transcendent moment of sport for me (this after 40 years in skydiving), like watching Bob Beamon’s historic 29-foot broad jump at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. Like Beamon’s world record jump, Batsch’s flight was aided by thin, high-altitude air and a tail wind of 6.7 m/s,  just under the limit of 7 m/s.

National records were also set by Jason Moledzki of Canada, Thomas Morris of Germany, Pablo Hernandez of Spain, and Edson Pacheco of Brazil. Only the world speed record of 2.093 seconds held by Golden Knight Greg Windmiller remained intact after the three days of blazing action, but not for trying, with two competitors, Tagle and Batsch, challenging the record with runs of 2.096 and 2.095 seconds, respectively. Meet sponsor Performance Designs awarded $2,000 to Batsch for his new world record, and an additional $4,000 in prize money was also given to the top five overall competitors: 1) Batsch, 2) Curt Bartholomew, 3) Moledzki, 4) Windmiller and 5) Hernandez.

The only serious injury of the competition was suffered by Warren Cleary of Georgia, who remains hospitalized in stable condition. Many of the prize winners and most competitors and spectators donated money to help Cleary, and the donations were generously matched by Mile-Hi Skydiving.

The FLCPA or PD Factory Team websites will soon be posting complete results.

– Jim Hayhurst, USPA Director of Competition


Skydiving Fatality Stats for 2009 at 40-Year Low

January 6, 2010

Following a November 11 fatality, we held our breath for the final six weeks of 2009; and on January 1, we could finally breathe a sigh of relief that there were no additional fatalities for the year. We ended 2009 with 16 total civilian fatalities, the fewest in more than four decades. In fact, you have to go back to 1961 to find a lower annual total. To put this in perspective, 1961 ended with 14 fatalities and just 3,353 members. The following year ended with 19 fatalities, and membership had nearly doubled in 1962 to 6,658 members. Fast forward to 2009, and membership is now at 32,177, and it is safe to say that the nearly 3 million jumps made in 2009 far surpassed the number of jumps made by 6,658 members in 1962. A 2009 membership total of nearly five times the membership in 1962, yet there were three fewer fatalities in 2009!

The reduction in fatalities can be attributed to lots of reasons, including safer equipment and better training. But, it is also a tribute to every skydiver, instructor, rigger, S&TA and drop zone manager who all worked to keep skydiving as safe as possible. Keep it up, and let’s make 2010 even safer for everyone, from the thousands of first-jump students, to those who are making thousands of jumps each year.

June Parachutist features

May 8, 2009

We just approved the final proofs for the June issue; here is a sneak peek of what you will see in just a few weeks . . .

  • Historical profile of Leslie Irvin
  • A beginner’s guide to 4-way formation skydiving (first in a series)
  • Guinness Book of World Records: Tandem record (most tandems in a day)
  • Core exercises to combat back pain from skydiving
  • Intro to wingsuiting

We hope you enjoy!

State Records

October 3, 2008

Hey, what’s all this about state records? It seems like all of a sudden skydivers from around the USA are claiming new records, some small and some, like the 88-way just set in Virginia, pretty big. Evidently, it can’t be that difficult to stake a claim in the annuals of history by being the best at a particular time.

How easy is it? Well, all you need is a judge rated in the discipline – formation skydiving or artistic events or canopy formation, for instance – and one other person from the list that includes the local S&TA, another judge in any discipline, or a USPA board member.

Then a couple of friends, an airplane or two, clear skies, $35, and a little luck make up the rest of the quotient. With so many states, so many drop zones and so many hot skydivers, records could be set and/or broken every weekend in America.

For a list of state records, go to our website and see what needs besting. In fact, in spite of arduous effort put into tracking down and logging all records claimed over the years, some holes exist. So, if you think you set a record and it’s not listed, let us now and we’ll investigate; that goes for records set years ago but were never claimed. The grandfather clause will help you get in the record book, so email us with questions. We’d love to help you stake your claim.