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Dear Wingsuit Community

January 28, 2010

We would like to start by thanking you for all of your emails. The one thing that is obvious is the wingsuit community is passionate about their discipline.  Based on the current controversy over the grid system that USPA adopted last year to judge wingsuit large formation records and the additional different suggestions and input that USPA has received the US will NOT recommend the grid system to the IPC this week. The US must  have a wingsuit  large formation record judging system that is tested and proven that it is accepted by the majority of the wingsuit community  prior to proposing it to the international community at the IPC meeting. Based on the current situation the following is the course of action that the US will take at the upcoming IPC meeting.

The US and the Netherlands will have a meeting, prior to the start of the IPC Meetings, to discuss and share all ideas for judging wingsuit large formation records including modifications to the grid system. The US will carry all of the suggestions that have been received in the emails from the wingsuit community to the meeting.  The knowledge gathered at the joint US and Netherlands meeting will be documented and reported to the IPC. Any presentation made to the IPC, if it is decided to still make one, will be strictly informational as to USPA’s experience with its current system making it clear that the system is still controversial within the wingsuit community.

The results from the IPC meeting will also be reported back to the wingsuit community and used as a starting point on determining how USPA will proceed both nationally and internationally making sure we have adequate input from all sectors of the wingsuit community.

Please understand the only changes being discussed are how best to move forward from where we are now.  The current record that was set last Fall in Lake Elsinore was built according to the current USPA rules and stands as the US National Record.  This was an impressive formation and there are no plans now, or has there been any discussion or consideration to changing the existing record.

In the dozens of passionate emails that have been received in the last week there is one point everyone seems to agree on, that changes need to be made.  Whether these are changes to the existing system or starting over from scratch is something that will be determined over the next months or maybe even years with input from all sectors of the wingsuit community.

The USPA BOD will be meeting in Phoenix AZ on February 19-21 and wingsuit judging is an item on the Competition Committee.  We have already received several ideas for improvement of the current system and suggestions for a new one. If you have ideas please send them to us and we will consider them.

We hope this alleviates the concern that community has regarding all the current judging system proposals. We ask the entire wingsuit community to please join together to develop a “united” wingsuit judging system.  You are the experts and we need your help. Thank you again for your input. And thank you in advance for your help.

Best Regards,

Marylou Laughlin, US Delegate to the IPC and Bill Wenger, Chair of the Competition Committee