Colonel Joseph Kittinger Awarded Cliff Henderson Trophy


From left to right: Col. Kittinger, USPA President Sherry Butcher and USPA Executive Director Ed Scott

At a June 18 luncheon in Arlington, Virginia, legendary record-setting skydiver Colonel Joseph Kittinger, USAF, (Ret.) was awarded the Cliff Henderson Trophy by the National Aeronautic Association. The Henderson Trophy is awarded annually to an individual or group “whose vision, leadership or skill made a significant and lasting contribution to the promotion and advancement of aviation and aerospace in the United States.” In one of her first formal acts as USPA’s new president, Sherry Butcher was asked to introduce Col. Kittinger and describe how his record-setting 102,800-foot parachute jump in 1960 still inspires skydivers and others.


One Response to “Colonel Joseph Kittinger Awarded Cliff Henderson Trophy”

  1. Richard Baker Says:

    Met him in the early ’80s and he is one dynamic guy. When Felix Baumgartner used him as his tech rep I was impressed again. Congratulations, Colonel.

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