Competition News from the Board Meeting in Denver


Brian Krause has been selected as team manager for the 2011 Formation Skydiving (FS) World Cup. For the 2011 Dubai Cup, Larry Hill is head of delegation, Lindy Leach is team manager for Canopy Formation and Accuracy, and Shawn Hill is team manager for Canopy Piloting (CP) and FS. The following qualified teams/competitors can expect to be contacted by their respective team manager this month:

Formation Skydiving:
Perris Fury – 4-way, Male/Mixed (official entry)
SDC Rhythm XP – 4-way, Male/Mixed (team 2)
Alpha Armada – 4-way, Female (official entry)

Canopy Formation:
Motley CReW – 4-way Rotation (official entry)
The Next Best Team – 4-way Rotation (team 2)
Maytown Short Stack – 2-way Sequential (official entry)
The Next Best Team – 2-way Sequential (team 2)
The Next Best Team – 4-way Sequential (official entry)

Team Accuracy, Male/Mixed (official entry):
1)    Cheryl Stearns
2)    Jim Hayhurst
3)    Rick Kuhns
4)    Jimmy Drummond
5)    Marius Ivascu

Team Accuracy, Male/Mixed (team 2):
1)    Dennis Murphy
2)    Marty Jones
3)    Edin Alisa
4)    Mery Rose
5)    Samir Kurtovic

The Competition Committee decided that any slots that open up for Dubai will be filled based on results of the 2011 USPA Nationals.

In other competition news, Albert Berchtold will be meet director of the 2011 CP Nationals at Skydive Spaceland in Texas; Chief Judge Judy Celaya will introduce a new, streamlined FS judging procedure at this year’s USPA Nationals at Skydive Arizona in Eloy. Male style & accuracy competitors should expect an e-mail this month requesting their vote on two team selection methods applicable for the 2012 WPC World Parachuting Championships; competitors who don’t receive the e-mail should contact

Standards for national records have been raised; two national judges and one regional judge must validate the record, and 51 percent of the participants on group records attempts must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents per the requirements in Section 1 of the Skydiver’s Competition Manual. Finally, with the board’s approval, USPA Headquarters is moving forward to develop a pilot program to present the U.S. Team at airshows and public events in the near future—an innovative way to earn direct income and attract sponsors for our U.S. Teams.


5 Responses to “Competition News from the Board Meeting in Denver”

  1. Eugene Seevers Says:

    Airspeed should be at Dubai since they are hands down the best team in the US. Rhythm isn’t even in the same class as Airspeed, France, and Hayabusa.

    • James Hayhurst Says:

      The Competition Committee followed the rules in the Skydiver’s Competion Manual for team selection, which dictated picking the teams for Dubai 3 based on the results of the 2010 Nationals (the 2011 Nationals ends 25 days before Dubai 3; the rules state the nationals used to pick teams for an international event must end at least 60 days prior to the event, so that selected individuals/teams have time to get prepared–bid for vacation days, buy airline tickets, update passports, et. all.) When the winning 2010 edition of Airspeed disbanded after the nationals, the rules dictacte that the committee move down the rankings to the next intact teams in succession. In the long run, consistenly applying the rules without favoritism is the best policy. Any other way leads to a undesirable perception of favoritism–either real or imagined. A reconstituted Arizona Airspeed will compete at the 2011 Nationals, and if they prove themselves to be the best, they’ll earn their rightful place as our 4-way team for the 2012 WPC in Dubai.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I was under the impression that the spirit of the rule is to send the best team. I am pretty sure Airspeed can get the time off. Now the real World Championship will be wherever France, Airspeed, and Hayabusa enter the same event. Some times common sense is a better policy, but I’ve learned not to expect that from the USPA.

  3. David Clifford Says:

    It’s unfortunate the USPA is unable to be pragmatic. I am pretty sure Airspeed could get the time off. Oh well, now the USPA can get back to more important things like pimping for Argus. We’ll just have to wait for the real world championship to occur at a later date when Hayabusa, Airspeed, and France are in the same competition. Hopefully, it’s at Shamrock or somewhere else the USPA can’t screw it up.

  4. James Hayhurst Says:

    Dear Anonymous and David,

    The spirit of the rules is applied when the rules are open to interpretation, but in this case, they were as clear as could be. Had circumstances been opposite (hard to imagine, but imagine that Arizona Airspeed had an injury or busted round and came in second to Perris Fury, but then Perris Fury changed its composition to less than 50% of its original 2010 team), the competition committee would have ruled the same way, this time favoring Airspeed over Perris Fury. When rules are clear and unequivocal, the application of spirit of the rules is to apply them as written. When they are not, then the underlying spirit of the rules (common sense fairness) is applied.

    As for your comment, “Now the real World Championship will be wherever France, Airspeed, and Hayabusa enter the same event” . . . that is an accurate observation. Dubai 3 is not a world championships, it is a Category II FAI event. Fundamentally, it’s an invitational money meet, and in point of fact, the second one in Dubai this year. The team that wins 4-way the upcoming USPA 2011 nationals will represent the U.S. at the next world championships, in Dubai 2012, and as you point out, that will be the real world championships.

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