USPA Mailings and Member Privacy


Like most associations, USPA looks for programs that can benefit certain members while also bringing additional revenue to the association. These “non-dues revenue programs,” in association-speak, help keep members’ dues down by creating other sources of income for the association. And if USPA can harness the buying power of 32,000 members to create savings for members, then so much the better. Recently, USPA introduced a members-only auto and home insurance program through Unitrin, and a members-only affinity credit card program. Naturally, we mailed the news out to our members. Also naturally, we received some complaints about junk mail, which presents me with an opportunity to discuss how USPA ensures your privacy.

First of all, USPA does not, and will not, disclose, sell, rent or give your e-mail address to another organization for their use. Period. We value that communication method with you and won’t jeopardize it by letting anyone else access it. On the other hand, we’re now sending a monthly e-newsletter entitled the “USPA Update” to every member who has provided us with an e-mail address. If you’re not receiving the “Update,” but want to, you can go here and give us your current e-mail address. (And if you don’t want to receive the “Update,” you can opt out anytime using a link at the bottom of each issue.)

Any telephone numbers you provide us are also treated the same way—never given out beyond staff and board needs. You should never receive a telemarketing call generated from USPA.

USPA does sell members’ postal addresses to outside parties (yet another source of non-dues revenue) who have an interest in making their product or service known to skydivers. Generally this includes DZs, boogies, gear manufacturers, gear retailers, etc., but it also occasionally includes non-skydiving product and service providers. USPA reviews the proposed mailing material and reserves the right of refusal for anything we deem offensive or even tasteless. A member has the right to opt out of this mailing list by simply checking the box on his member application or renewal form where it says, “Check here if you do not want your name to appear on a mailing list occasionally sold by USPA.”

Finally, USPA also generates its own mailings from our membership list, usually member renewal notices, but also occasional special mailings such as member surveys, regulatory alerts and notices about new programs that we think many members will want to know about (like the Unitrin insurance). Currently our database doesn’t provide an opt-out feature for this type of mailing that would not also eliminate the mailing of membership renewal notices. However, we are researching that feature and if we’re able to provide it in the future, we’ll let you know.


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6 Responses to “USPA Mailings and Member Privacy”

  1. Larry Hinson Says:

    I feel another thing you can do to to ‘increase’ revenue is to allow members to ‘opt-out’ of the monthly Parachutist mailings. I’m married to a skydiver and we receive 2 mags monthly. By allowing an ‘opt-out’ you could cut publishing and mailing cost to this household by 50%. I’m sure we are not the only ones.

    If your truly looking for ways to save, this is one of em.

    Larry Hinson

    • Shonda Smith Says:


      You can opt out of Parachutist by e-mailing us at We certainly would save money on postage, but there isn’t significant saving in printing fewer quantities (the biggest cost is print set-up). Another option we recommend to skydivers who have multiple issues coming to the same house is to drop off the extra copy at a library or medical office. It can only help promote our sport and prompt people to try it!

      Blue skies,

      Shonda Smith

  2. cortpoopriack Says:

    Awesome post, did not thought reading it would be so interesting when I looked at the url.

  3. william steinke Says:

    I made my first jump at gregory mi. at about 1970, served with the 7th army parachute team in europe, which has been deactived around 1973.
    iam thinking about doing a tandom since i have not jumped in the past 32 years. my uspa license was d-3404. what is the d-license up now.

    Will Steinke

  4. william steinke Says:

    Thanks much for the info. Wow- from D3404- to a current 30000 plus and counting. Kind of makes me feel proud and a little old.


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