Blue Skies, Patrick Swayze


To the general public, Patrick Swayze—who died at age 57 this week—will best be remembered for the films Dirty Dancing and Ghost. To skydivers of the day he’ll be remembered for Point Break. And for two reasons. First, Swayze took up skydiving at Perris Valley so that he could film many of the skydiving scenes himself. According to co-star Keanu Reeves, the production company issued Swayze a cease-and-desist order to stop skydiving; he kept jumping anyway. Along the way he joined USPA and earned his A license. Second, the movie’s release in 1991 brought a flood of first-jump customers out to DZs nationwide. Those customers didn’t find skydivers bantering in five-minute freefalls, but many did find a sport of their own as shown by USPA’s membership totals. Membership rose from 20,000 at the end of 1990 to 26,150 in 1992, and steady increases in subsequent years. Thanks, Patrick, for boosting our sport. Blue Skies.


12 Responses to “Blue Skies, Patrick Swayze”

  1. Isa Lube Says:

    This is a terrible loss, for his wife-first, then for his extended family and friends, then for Hollywood. He was a great actor and now cancer took his life. Well, life is short and the unexpected does happen!

  2. Bob Hagen Says:

    To quote Patrick “100% pure adrenaline, some guys snort a line for it, jab a vein for it, all you gotta do is jump.”

    You will be missed by many Patrick

  3. Oleg Tchernychenko Says:

    I saw the Point Break when I had 7K+ jumps.
    Untill this day I think that this movie portrait the pure spirit of the skydiving. No one movie after that was even close to the fun and rush presented to a general public.
    Thank you Patric.

  4. Jason Davis Says:

    When I saw Point Break I was a young man, I was so impressed by that movie that I knew it (skydiving) was something I wanted to try. Fast forward to ten years later I eventually got my license and I still jump every chance I can get! The cheapest high, w/o involving drugs and illegal ways of life!! Thank you Patrick for showing me that life, skydiving.

  5. Richard Baker D-14235 Says:

    Had a lot of respect for him. When he got his A-license I realized that he was the “real deal” and that he had respect for us. Vaya con Dios, Patrick.

  6. D.G. Fuentes Says:

    God Bless you Patrick, we will all miss you
    Blue skies 4 ever!

  7. P.Cezar Oliveira Says:

    Rest in peace Patrick!!!
    You help to spread skydiving name all over the world.
    Thanks from Brazil

  8. Dean Vaughn Says:

    I know I am late with this but I must say that Point Break and Patrick was a Hugh influence on my taking up skydiving. I can not tell you how many times I played and rewound the one scene over Lake Mead…. The scenes the music and the freedom of flying through the air… That was 1992… That movie led to my 1500 plus jumps, over 300 tandems and over 500 first jump students… And endless memories of skydiving with my friends..
    thanks Patrick
    Dean Vaughn

  9. Jose Rastelli Junior Says:

    Rest in peace Patrick!!!
    I saw your serenity when jumping in Break Point,it was the true diver fisionomy.
    “Vaya con Dios” Patrick!!!!

  10. Mary Todd D-6666 Says:

    “And once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you long to return”. You are in good company, Patrick. You’ll have blue skies forever!

  11. James Brown Says:

    I’m just into the sport, only have 2 jumps, but I love it. Came in on my own but sad to hear about any of us going. Blue skies and go with God.
    Now I have to see Point Break.

  12. Randall Sharpe Says:

    I just finshed watching the movie Point Break again. I have watched this movie more than any other mavie ever. If you asked my wife she will tell you that’s my favorite movie of all time I want to make another jump every time I watch this movie. To Patrick, Airborne all the way

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