Rising Through the Recession


32,003. That’s the current level of USPA membership at the end of June. What’s the significance? Well, in addition to the fact that membership continues to grow, it’s the first time since May 2005 that we’ve exceeded 32,000. Here’s the full story: USPA membership reached its all-time zenith of 34,583 in August 2001. Then the following month came the attacks of 9/11. Like all of aviation, skydiving suffered for months from a public apprehension and mistrust of all flying. A stalling economy didn’t help either. Membership began a slow but steady decline, going below 32,000 in June 2005 and finally bottoming out in October 2006 at 30,488. Then began a slow but steady climb, and finally back over 32,000 last month. 32,003 is just a number, after all. But it signifies skydiving is holding its own through this recession. And that’s good news for all of us.


4 Responses to “Rising Through the Recession”

  1. Bill Parson D-4658 Says:

    I remember in the 70’s when the old time jumpers would come to Elsinore, Perris and Taft. It was the old “has beens”. Now I am the old has been”. Got to get a few more jumps in, but the body is wearing out.
    Want to let you know I have a few old items if you ever have a museum.
    A Steve Snyder smoke bracket that fits on the side of your boot, a pair of the old jump boots and maybe some other stuff.
    You probably don’t remember me, but I had some nice photos in the magazine, calanders and Andy Keech books including night 16 man, solo night diver, the Southwest 737 over Dallas and more.
    Blue Skies to all !!!!!
    Bill Parson

    • Norman Moffatt Says:

      Hi Bill, thanks to you and Jim I have fantastic memories of the time I spent in 1980, El Cap night jumps at Taft. we are old now but the memories remain.

      Norman Moffatt

  2. Bill Parson D-4658 Says:

    Norman Moffatt,
    Good to hear from you. Remember, we froze our butts off on El Cap!!
    Where are you now? I moved to Texas in November 1980. Still here.
    e-mail: wlparson@yahoo.com

  3. Norman Moffatt Says:

    Hi Bill,

    Just a quick note as I’m off to work. It was that nice plastic bedding that kept us so warm on El Cap.

    Talk soon.


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