June Parachutist features


We just approved the final proofs for the June issue; here is a sneak peek of what you will see in just a few weeks . . .

  • Historical profile of Leslie Irvin
  • A beginner’s guide to 4-way formation skydiving (first in a series)
  • Guinness Book of World Records: Tandem record (most tandems in a day)
  • Core exercises to combat back pain from skydiving
  • Intro to wingsuiting

We hope you enjoy!


6 Responses to “June Parachutist features”

  1. JIM MCGRAW Says:


    The intro to wingsuiting sounds GREAT.

    STRONGLY SUGGEST an article about the history of the Star Crest Awards and their current status.


    Jim McGraw B-30893

    • Laura Sharp Says:

      Great idea! If you or someone you know would be willing to take on the project, send me an e-mail to discuss the format, a deadline and page count. We’re always looking for good story ideas and since we’re such a small staff, we rely on our members with their expertise in various fields to author most of our features.
      Laura Sharp, D-23561
      Managing Editor, Parachutist

  2. Doug Garr Says:


    I can write the piece on the Star Crest Awards if you’d like. I mentioned meeting Bill Newell in September 1970 in my book (when I qualified — and back then it was still a pretty big deal, especially in the Northeast where we didn’t have access to a lot of large aircraft at the time). It is probably the one non-USPA sanctioned achievement in the sport that has had an incredible amount of traction. The web site alone cataloging all the recipients is a monumental achievement.

    Doug SCR-442

    • Laura Sharp Says:

      Fantastic, Doug, I’ll be in touch. To everyone else, look for a story on the Star Crest Awards by Doug Garr in an upcoming Parachutist!

  3. Randy Davis Says:

    Would really like to catch up on the SCR Awards. I have been out of the sport for over 28 years and was just browsing the USPA web site during my break.

    Randy Davis
    SCR 7451
    B 4233
    D 2776

  4. Robert J. Bachmann Says:

    I like the idea of a beginner’s guide to 4-way formation skydiving. I would be nice to always see these types of instructional articles. Especially true for those of us with minimal experience. I also like the Core exercises to combat back pain from skydiving idea. I have always thought that there is a core of different exercises that would enhance the skydiving experience and problems. I found this really to be true after investing time in the wind tunnel where some of the body stresses are exaggerated.
    As someone who would like to buy a rig real soon I would like to see articles describing the different container systems, main chutes, etc. It’s not easy to try all the different systems out. this is especially true if you are taller with unique body dimensions. (Long torso).
    Looking forward to the next mag.!
    Also, the videos on the web site are great. While I’m past the pint of AFF, it is great to see the cycle for the novices in the group!

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