BOD Meetings Wrapping Up


The board is finishing up meetings now. Some highlights include the election of new officers (your new pres is Jay Stokes), elimination of skysurfing from nationals, discussion of electronic voting for the next board meeting, and more that is a little difficult to type on an iPhone.

Keep an eye on the USPA website for the full, official minutes, and Parachutist for the article.

Next up is the DZO Conference which gets started this evening with registration and formal events tomorrow. We also start setting up our symposium booth tomorrow for exhibits tomorrow night. There is still a lot left, so if you can get to Reno, it would be well worth your time.


2 Responses to “BOD Meetings Wrapping Up”

  1. Joe Says:

    I heard that dues were going up. Did they?

    • Lara Kjeldsen Says:

      Yes, there will be a dues increase. A quick summary is on our News page, and we’ll definitely let you know more in the magazine, on the website, in our e-newsletters and here on the blog.

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