All Quiet on the Western Front


But not for long…we’re getting ready, along with a horde of skydiving manufacturers, USPA board members, riggers and more, to bring the controlled chaos to Reno.

First, there’s the USPA Board of Directors’ meetings. You only have a few days to read over the agendas and let your regional and/or national directors know what you think and how you want them to act before they start deliberating, casting votes and generally kicking it into high gear.

Next comes the USPA DZO Conference. This is for drop zone owners and operators to get together and learn just about everything related to providing jumpers with fun, safe and quality places to jump. Even if your home DZO isn’t attending, they’ll be able to get the recap and more information after the event. Tell them to watch their e-mail for the e-newsletter DZO Streamline with all the details.

Finally, PIA seminars and symposium. We’ll have a game for show attendees to play, but even if you can’t make it to the show, you can play along at home. Starting Monday, Feb. 9 – the first day of Symposium – we’ll have different quizzes every day on the USPA Pursuit page.

If you will be in Reno, please stop by! We’re in booths 106/108, in the first aisle (subject to change, check PIA’s website for the latest info):

2009 PIA Symposium booth layout

2009 PIA Symposium booth layout (click to enlarge)


One Response to “All Quiet on the Western Front”

  1. KFC Says:

    Hey Lara,
    Have an amazing time! I’m bummed I can’t be there next week but I know it’ll be well covered and I can read all about it in Parachutist 😉


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