Ready for Reno


No, we’re not going gambling, or to shoot anyone like Johnny Cash sang about. Coming up very soon is a lot of activity in Reno, though – USPA’s Board of Directors’ meeting*, Parachute Industry Association Board meetings, PIA Symposium and Seminars, and, being skydivers, some cold refreshments after all those. Needless to say, if you’re anywhere near the area, you should come check it out.

Here’s the official schedule:
Feb. 5-8: PIA meetings
Feb. 6-8: USPA Board of Directors’ meetings
Feb. 8: National Skydiving Museum meeting
Feb. 9: USPA DZO Conference
Feb. 8: Symposium Pre-Registration open – afternoon
Feb. 9: Exhibit Hall open – evening
Feb. 10-12: Registration – all day, Seminars – all day, Exhibition Hall – evening
Feb. 13: Seminars – all day, Banquet and awards – evening

USPA BOD meetings are open to all USPA members in good standing. Please go and participate. It might seem intimidating, with a bunch of people you don’t know using terms you’ve never heard in a formal setting that seems oddly un-skydiver-like. In reality, those skygods you’ve heard and read about are just jumpers like you, only they’ve stepped up to take a tough role in leading our sport. Those funny words and procedures are all part of Robert’s Rules of Order, a way to have a controlled meeting in which everyone is allowed to participate equally.

Getting Board meeting materials ready for the trip to Reno

Getting Board meeting materials ready for the trip to Reno

Meeting agendas are published on the USPA website, so read over them. If you have questions or opinions regarding anything on the agenda, contact your Regional Director or a National Director. If you think something should be on an agenda that is not, bring that up as well. Your Directors are there to represent you, but you have to let them know what you think.

Board of Directors’ Meeting Resources:
All meeting agendas and meeting information
BOD contact information
Robert’s Rules of Order

When the meeting’s over, official minutes will be published on the USPA website as well, both under the USPA Members > Downloads and About USPA > Board of Directors sections. You can come back regularly to check, or subscribe to the RSS feed and be notified when new minutes are posted.

Lastly, there’s the Symposium, which is basically a skydiving trade show. This is fun, and not to be missed if you have a chance. Skydiving companies all have booths with different themes, and their sole purpose is to meet the people who buy their products. (Psst, that’s you!) If you’ve ever wondered just how Bill Booth thought of the SkyHook, ask him.

USPA will have a booth, so stop by to chat with us, ask questions or just meet us. We’ll try to post a schedule of who will be in the booth at what times. Let us know if there’s anything you want us to bring or have prepared for you. It shouldn’t be hard to find us – just follow your nose (trust me, it’ll make sense when you’re there) 😉

PIA also sponsors seminars on topics ranging from “Military Javelin & Operational Reserve Packing Demo” to “Dual Canopy & Entanglement Emergency Procedures” and “Wingsuits on the DZ – What You Need to Know”. USPA’s Jim Crouch will present “2007 – 2008 Fatality Report” on Wednesday at 11am, then again Thursday at 4pm. Visit the PIA website for more information on PIA meetings, seminars and symposium, and see you in Reno!

*edit to add: The next General Membership Meeting will be held in conjunction with the USPA summer board meeting in Dallas, July 10-12. The board meeting will be at the Crowne Plaza Dallas in Addison, Texas.


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