2009-2010 BOD Elections


Another board election is complete and the members of the 2009-2010 board have been announced. Congratulations to the 18 returning board members and the four new ones. With 3,503 ballots received, this most recent election garnered almost 1,000 more ballots than the 2006 election. (Of the total, just over 200 ballots were invalidated for the usual reasons—lack of signature, expired membership, or electronic receipt. We’ll assess how to make the instructions clearer on future ballots.)

A bit about our process: each ballot is date stamped upon receipt, validated, batched in an envelope of 50 and locked away. Beginning December 20, each ballot and each batch are separately counted by two different people. The two batch tallies must match; if not, the entire batch is counted again and the discrepancy is found. Then the batch tallies are combined on a summary page where the final count comes together. The final report includes counts for all candidates that were listed on the ballot. Viable write-in candidacies are also tallied and reported, except the few votes for George Bush, Mickey Mouse, Yo Mama, and the several voters who wrote in their own names. Altogether, the process consumes 125 hours of staff time, or a full week for three people.

Even more impressive than the increased voter participation was the increased candidate participation. This election’s 38 candidates set a modern day record going all the way back to 1990. (It may actually be the record; I got tired of researching it.) One year there were just 24 candidates for the 22 slots, two years there were 26 candidates, and the average number of candidates over the previous nine elections was only 30.6. We need to acknowledge all of this election’s candidates for caring about skydiving and USPA enough to step up and offer their time and their talent. Thank you for your effort. Your sport and your USPA are better for it.


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