Time to choose your USPA Board of Directors


It’s election time! We’ve been hearing a lot about some woman from Alaska and an Illinois senator, too, but here at USPA HQ (at least from 9-5) we’re more focused on the USPA Board of Director (BOD) candidates who are spread around the country.

You probably know at least one of the record number of BOD candidates, but you might not know what they want to do for you, if elected. So, each candidate has a statement, picture and summary of qualifications, ratings and awards that get published in November’s Parachutist and on the elections page of USPA’s website to kick off the elections. Sounds easy, right? Not so much.

So much care, time and thought goes into the fairness of this process. For example, a public drawing was held at Skydive Lost Prairie under the supervision of the chair of the Nominations & Elections committee to determine the order the National Director candidates appear in the magazine. Candidates were required to submit biographical information and narratives of no more than 250 words … the list goes on and on.

In your November issue of Parachutist, there is a ballot with an envelope. There’s also a downloadable ballot on the website to print and send to USPA. Make sure to read each bio carefully and critically. Contact the candidates if you have questions; talk to them at the DZ, find out all you can—and then VOTE!


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