Instructor Examiner course


The new Instructor Examiner course is shaping up nicely. The latest one just wrapped up in Los Angeles last week. The course syllabus has been tweaked after each of the previous courses that have been run this year, and this was the first course using the finalized version. It was attended by seven highly experienced instructors, representing a total of more than 120 cumulative years of teaching experience and tens of thousands of skydives. Even with all that experience in the room, each candidate found the course to be well worth the time and effort it took to attend. And three of the candidates flew from either Russia or Dubai to Los Angeles! So, if someone sees enough value in this course to fly halfway around the world to attend, what is stopping you?

This course is designed to prepare very experienced instructors to become instructor examiners, and it is just one of the requirements necessary to become an examiner for coach or instructor rating courses. Many of the courses so far have been attended by existing course examiners (formerly called course directors) who are stepping up to take this course, even though it is not a requirement. Even these experienced examiners are learning some great tips on how to improve the rating courses they have already been teaching for years. And the same tips and techniques can be used while training students as well as instructor candidates.

Continuing education is so valuable, and each of us who train students and instructors will come away from this course as a much better trainer. There should be more courses available soon, and it will be easier than ever to find one listed on the USPA course calendar and sign up to attend. The next IE course is scheduled for mid-November in Clewiston, Florida. Check out  the list of all USPA rating courses on the USPA website.


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