State Records


Hey, what’s all this about state records? It seems like all of a sudden skydivers from around the USA are claiming new records, some small and some, like the 88-way just set in Virginia, pretty big. Evidently, it can’t be that difficult to stake a claim in the annuals of history by being the best at a particular time.

How easy is it? Well, all you need is a judge rated in the discipline – formation skydiving or artistic events or canopy formation, for instance – and one other person from the list that includes the local S&TA, another judge in any discipline, or a USPA board member.

Then a couple of friends, an airplane or two, clear skies, $35, and a little luck make up the rest of the quotient. With so many states, so many drop zones and so many hot skydivers, records could be set and/or broken every weekend in America.

For a list of state records, go to our website and see what needs besting. In fact, in spite of arduous effort put into tracking down and logging all records claimed over the years, some holes exist. So, if you think you set a record and it’s not listed, let us now and we’ll investigate; that goes for records set years ago but were never claimed. The grandfather clause will help you get in the record book, so email us with questions. We’d love to help you stake your claim.


2 Responses to “State Records”

  1. Ronald H Bell Says:

    I would like more info on how to list a state record or attempt and a list of local judges for freefly would that be coverd by AE?

  2. Lara Kjeldsen Says:

    As an FYI to anyone who might have the same question, here is a summary of the e-mail Larry Bagley sent to Ronald in response: “The Skydiver’s Competition Manual, found on our website, under downloads, section 12, has a lot of information. And freefly is an artistic event so that would be the type of judge you’re looking for, a list is found on our website under competition. ”

    Thanks Larry and thanks Ronald, for the question!

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