Why does USPA sell mailing lists?


*note: this is in response to the earlier ‘Why?’ blog – post a comment there if you have another question for USPA

A member’s name and address is only sold if the person has indicated they would like to be on a mailing list. There is an option on the membership form where the person can choose not to be included on the mailing list.

USPA occasionally sells the list to those interested in the skydiving market. Para-Gear and Square One are two vendors who frequently request mailing list so they can send members catalogs and other skydiving goodies. Nearly all the requests are from skydiving companies or DZs. All vendors sign a contract stating that they will only use the list one time.

USPA does not sell phone numbers or e-mail addresses of its members.

Over the past year, USPA has made approximately $6,000 in non-dues revenue with this program. This helps keep the cost of membership dues down while providing members with useful skydiving information and tools.


One Response to “Why does USPA sell mailing lists?”

  1. joe Says:

    well I guess that all ok with me if the lists are going to skydiving businesses

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