Why does USPA sell its mailing list? Why do BOD meeting minutes take so long to be published? Why are new licenses printed in Parachutist? Why is USPA in Fredericksburg, Virginia? Why can’t ratings be renewed online? Who decides what pictures get into Parachutist and why do they pick the ones they do? Why is the sky blue?

If you have a question about why USPA does some of the things it/we do, fire away! We’re working on a website feature where you can do this too, but until then, post a comment here with your question and we’ll do our best to answer it in a separate blog post.


10 Responses to “Why?”

  1. joe Says:

    WHAT! are you telling me that uspa is selling my address? no way

  2. diablopilot Says:

    Unless you “opt-out” either by checking a box on your renewal form, or contacting HQ directly.

  3. Andrew Metcalfe Says:

    You are correct. I often ask why USPA is selling my personal information.

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  6. Richie Colbeth Says:

    I had my 6th AFF jump Saturday. Exit @ 10K went fine. Five seconds into the jump one of the two instructors bumped into me sending me flying. I tumbled violently, uncontrollably so hard my shoe flew off. Finally @ 8K the other instructor finally pulled my ripcord. My one leg strap wasn’t tight enough and the opening about tore my leg off. It knocked me out. Instructor one landed and told my wife I was ‘flopping around up there’. I came to @ 2K. Helmet radio didn’t work so I got my bearings, did maneuvers to 1K and headed for the landing field.
    My Q is – I think an instructor should have stayed with me when I was unconcious – not on the ground making cracks about my condition – do USPA instructors do that?

  7. Jim Crouch Says:

    From your description it sounds like you may have been in a de-arched body position during the freefall, which can cause a leg strap to slip low on your thigh and make for a painful opening when the canopy is deployed. I am not sure why you were knocked unconscious from the deployment, but luckily you woke up in time to steer yourself to a safe landing. It would be impossible for your instructor to stay with you once your parachute is deployed, so there is no way he could have offered any assistance once you were under your main canopy. Speak with your instructors about the skydive, and see how they would like you to proceed with your training. You can also read through Section 4 of the Skydiver’s Information Manual to review the USPA Integrated Student Program. The SIM is available for purchase through the http://www.uspa.org/USPAShop.aspx or for viewing online at http://www.uspa.org/SIM.aspx

  8. Anonymous Says:

    don’t know my uspa membership number. can i search for it somehow?

  9. Egbert Ortega Says:

    The issue with the Argus AAD still has no resolution, and I believe that USPA should take a much more active role and help the skydiving community as a mediator in this situation, rather than just “hoping” that “all involved can come to a resolution for this situation as quickly as possible”.
    Looks like this is going nowhere –at a terminal speed, and we (the skydivers) are caught in the middle: I just took my rig to the periodic reserve re-packing, and the rigger has the order from Sun Path to remove my Argus AAD from my Javelin container (it’s not up to me to keep it installed; looks like is riskier to have a potentially failing AAD than having NONE?!?!?)… so now I have to spend ~$1.5K to get a new AAD, or jump without any AAD, or ground myself until I find a better option and/or this situation resolves…..
    Either way, too bad.
    Any help, USPA?

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