New blog, new site, new ulcers


Just kidding about the ulcers part. Well, maybe. Unless you’re even more observationally-challenged than I am (Lambert can attest to my ignorance of his many haircuts), you have noticed the new look and feel of the USPA website! Yes, we’ve re-designed. Change can be a bit stressful, so we hope this isn’t too much of a shock for you. Actually, we’re hoping you can find things easier here on the new site than you could have ever dreamed on the old one.

It doesn’t stop here, though – this new site was designed to be super easy to add new features, so don’t think we’ll wipe our hands and be done with it just yet! For now, we’d like to know your feedback – have we missed anything you especially liked about the old site? Is there something you’ve always wished you could do on the USPA website, but haven’t been able to? How do you feel about the color blue?


2 Responses to “New blog, new site, new ulcers”

  1. Kevin O'Rourke Says:

    I have just one simple question. What is the best way to determine the ideal size of a main canopy for an individual. I am quite new to the sport of skydiving, and I am trying to understand the equipment involved.
    I am already hooked and would like to skydive for many years to come. I figure the more knowledge I have, the better off I will be.

    Thank you

  2. Mike Gruwell Says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Your local instructors will be the best people to find out the best size canopy for your weight, experience and skill. They will be the people who have jumped with you, seen how you have handled the student/rental canopies and have the best judgement for size.

    As for brand, that will come part from them, other skydivers and your own research. But you really can’t go wrong with any of the current brands/manufacturers today. Most of the differences will be in price, turnaround time and customer service.

    Welcome to skydiving!


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